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Who am I?

I am 40ish; creating a life I don’t need a vacation from, learning balance, to surrender, to be more authentic with myself, to be vulnerable. I practice laughing every day, celebrating my tribe, and coming from a place of gratitude.

I studied German and international politics. I never worked in either (although I can still order a schnitzel, a beer, and some strüdel!). I have worked in the corporate world, was a substitute teacher, stayed at home with my babies, and sold luxury real estate—all very different conversations.

As a military wife, I went to every known house party you can think of: from baskets, to jewelry, to crafts. I admired these women who entered my home, set up elaborate displays, made things look Ballard Designs-perfect, rehearsed their introduction... Although I loved the items and the idea of direct sales, I did not have the passion. It was something I could not imagine myself doing, ever.

Like… EVER.

I believe in serendipity! Along came this business, EVER Skincare, and it was love at first sight. EVER changed my perspective, my life’s mission, and set me on a path of discovery, excitement, adventure, and grace. Please read more in depth about why I choose EVER… every day.

I am 40ish now, a time of awakening, when reflection replaces judgment. A place of slowing down—savoring rather than toiling. This is the era of emotional abundance, where the focus shifts from outward image to best self. 40ish allows a parting of ways, of sorts; a happy farewell into the territory of contentment and compassion. I’m breaking the glass ceiling of my snow globe, and celebrating the beauty of confidence, yours and mine.

I cannot wait to introduce you to EVER!